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Leica Binoculars


We have a wide range of Leica binoculars here, whether for bird watching, rugby, an ocean crossing, or a night at the opera...


The premium optics of Leica binoculars demonstrates just what is technically possible today.


In 1907 the Ernst Leitz optical company began series production of its first binocular, known as the Binocle 6x18. What is now Leica Camera AG has constantly been developing new models? Leica's inventions include the first rangefinder, spotting scopes with an angled eyepiece and the use of ridge prisms. Even today, Leica remains the only company that offers binoculars with integral rangefinder and selectable magnification.


The Leica Binoculars 50 series with their extremely bright images and the universally popular 32 & 42 series both combine being ultra-light with being extremely strong and robust and at the same time deliver images with excellent contrast in an easy to use ergonomic design.